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The Directorate is headed by the Director, Stationery and Printing who looks after overall administration and establishment matters and functions as the essential link between the Secretariat and the Department.  All issues affecting the entire organisation are dealt by the Directorate.

Officers in the Directorate

The Director
 He is the Head of the Department.
 He is represents the organisation in various committees.
 Appointing and disciplinary authority for Group 'C' and 'D' employees.

The Joint Director (Printing)
Officer in charge of Planning, Production and Control.

The Senior Accounts Officer
Is the Financial Adviser of the Directorate and also the Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

Concerned with all financial subjects pertaining to the Directorate such as Pay and Accounts, Loans and Advances, Budget proposals for Plan and Non Plan schemes, staff welfare measures etc.

Is the liaison officer for the Public Accounts Committee, Planning Department and Finance Department

The Stores Section and the Planning Production & Control sections are other integral units of Directorate headed by the Stores Superintendent and one Deputy Director (Printing) respectively.

All the job orders by various departments are routed through the directorate, planned for execution in PPC Unit and executed in the Presses.

All the printing jobs entrusted to the department are executed through the Government Central Press, Thattanchavady which is the prime shop floor unit of the Department.

The Subordinate wings are located at Mettupalayam, Karaikal and Mahe.

Staff Strength as on 01.06.2016

The total staff strength of the Department is 609

                         Organisation                                    Sanctioned Strength     

Directorate of Stationery and Printing, Puducherry                 67
Government Central Press, Thattanchavady, Puducherry     412
Government Branch Press, Mettupalayam, Puducherry          52
Government Branch Press, Karaikal                                      65
Government Branch Press, Mahe                                          13


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